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A note on grouping these as Gi-Go – this is my best estimation, based on the visual and tactile similarities in manufacture. Gi-Go makes their own brand called Wonder Pony Land, and they are sometimes named as the manufacturer behind store brands like Kid Connection at Walmart and Play Right at Walgreen’s. I believe that the majority of these share a common origin point. But since they aren’t marked and many have come to me second-hand, I can’t know for certain.

There appears to be some sort of relationship between Simba and Gi-Go. Simba’s Tootsie body (used for Dreamland series and others) is copied exactly on Gi-Go ponies (exact same hoof markings), and Simba symbols are reused on Gi-Go. Gi-Go also makes dolls, and these can be marked Simba on the head mold and Gi-Go on the sewn-in body tag. (Source: eBay listings.)

The Tootsie pose was also used for the 1990’s Talk to Me Pony from Buddy L/SLM, but the hoof markings on the Buddy L/SLM are different from the Simba and Gi-Go Tootsie-style pose. From the examples I have seen, Simba and Gi-Go are virtually identical (“MADE IN” on slightly raised rectangle above CHINA); Buddy L talking pony has MADE IN CHINA spread out with one word on each hoof. Simba, in turn, copied the Buddy L design for a talking pony of their own, and a few other styles (see pictures here).

My THEORY of order of events:

  • Simba copied Tootsie pose
  • Buddy L made their own independent copy of Tootsie pose with their own head design
  • Simba copied the Buddy L head
  • Gi-Go acquired the Simba molds, and continued on to make a few different heads over the years.

But at the end of the day, that’s merely speculation!

Other poses that Simba used and later appear in Gi-Go sets include the Lady Baby and Ember pose.

For the purposes of this showcase, my focus is on grouping ponies that share a common mold, rather than what ponies were sold in sets together. There will be some in-package pictures, but by and large it is a pose-based collection. For more information on Gi-Go family groupings, see The MLP Fakie Project. It hasn’t been updated recently, but has a lot of excellent information on early 2000’s and vintage fakies.

The majority of the ponies in my collection are modern release, post-2000. I believe most are Gi-Go (or a store brand made by Gi-Go) unless otherwise stated.

Gi-Go Tootsie Pose
Magic Pony Unipeg
Gi-Go Mold 3-05-B1 (Walking Teen)
Fakie Mold 3-05-B1 (Walking Teen)
Gi-Go Mold 3-14-B1
Gi-Go Mold 3-16-B1
Gi-Go Mold 5-09-B1
Fakie Mold 5-09-B1
Gi-Go Mold 5-09-B2
Fakie Mold 5-09-B2
Gi-Go Mold 5-10-B1 / 5-10-B1A
Gi-Go Mold 5-12-B1
Fakie Mold 5-12-B1
Gi-Go Mold 5-12-B4
Gi-Go Mold QQ
Gi-Go Mold L-14-B1
Gi-Go Mold L-14-B2
Gi-Go Mold L-04-B1
Gi-Go Mold L-04-B2A
Gi-Go Mold L-04-MB Jointed Legs
Gi-Go Mold L-16-B1
Fakie Mold L-16-B1
Gi-Go Mold 2118
Gi-Go Ember Pose

Ja-Ru etc. Ember Pose
Gi-Go Drink n’ Wet Baby
Gi-Go Lady Baby
Gi-Go Unipeg Baby
Gi-Go Ballerina Baby
Gi-Go CPK Mold
Gi-Go CPK-Style Jumbo
Gi-Go Sweetheart Sister
Gi-Go Large Unipeg
Gi-Go Mold 3-12-B1 (Zig Zag Zebra Pose)

Gi-Go Mold SML-05-B1
Gi-Go Mold SML-09-B1 (CPK-Style, Molded Saddle, 6.5″ Tall)

Circus/Merry-Go-Round Ponies (Original Adult, Baby, Jumbo Baby, L-04-T1 Adult)
Gi-Go Mold SML-16-B1 (Jumbo)
Everything Else

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