Gi-Go Mold L-16-B1

This is a Gi-Go mold that shows up in Wonder Pony Land (and other store brand) sets. It is similar to L-14-B1 but slightly chubbier, and L-16-B2 which has pegasus wings.. Marked L-16-B1 on bottom back hoof. Stands 5.5″ tall.

I have found the pose with earth ponies and unicorns (horn may be painted or unpainted). Usually they have the big painted eyes, but a couple have inset glittery glass eyes. Click images to enlarge.

Unicorns with inset glitter eyes:

Large head, big eyes w/ hearts unicorns:


(this one has tinsel hair and bangs, and opposite-side symbol to the one above it)

Large head, big eyes with star:

(opposite side symbols, painted or unpainted horn)

Large head/eyes earth ponies:

(DOLGEN [Dollar General] marking)

Unicorn, thinner lashes, big and little hearts in eyes:

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