Non-MLP Ponies & Horses Index

Welcome to the exhibit of my fakie pony collection!

Ripoffs, knockoffs, bootlegs, brand X, fakies, clones, etc. Whatever you call them, they have a unique charm, in one way or another. Sometimes they are attractive in their own right; sometimes they’re so bizarre or ugly that we love them because of their inherent weirdness.

The line between “fakies that wouldn’t exist without MLP to copy” and “colorful horses that exist because that’s cool regardless of what else exists on the market” is inexact. Sometimes I use the broader description of “Non-MLP Equines” etc. so as not to offend creations that are not blatant ripoffs.

I’ve gone between collecting fakies and selling them off a few times. I feel firmly committed now to the cause, and somewhat regret losing some nice ones that I unloaded. (But buying up lots of fakies to replace them led to me unexpectedly getting a South African Cotton Candy in a bundle that cost $30, so I can’t complain too much!)

Cataloging fakies is an inexact science, as they often have no known brand to sort by; or the same toys are marketed by different companies; or fakies themselves are ripped-off by different outfits. I’m not really active in the discussion boards, so I’m kind of making up my own terms to refer to things. There are many ways to sort, but this is the categorization I have developed for my herd.

For the purposes of this showcase, my focus is on grouping ponies that share a common mold, rather than what ponies were sold in sets together. There will be some in-package pictures, but by and large it is a pose-based collection.

A note on the pegasus-unicorn hybrid: I’ve settled in to mostly calling them unipegs. I also like pegicorn, but I don’t use it as frequently. I will never use alicorn, because the term has been misapplied in modern times. Alicorn refers to the horn of a unicorn, not the unicorn-pegasus hybrid. I realize I am fighting a losing battle and no one really cares, but this is me making my very insignificant stand. 🙂

Toys (Plastic w/ Brushable Hair)

Gi-Go Ponies

G1 Newborn Fakies

G1 Unicorn Fakie

G2 Fakies

G3 Hunson fakieG3 Fakies

IMG_20200302_211821G3.5 Fakies

Fakie Guardians of Harmony Shining ArmorG4 Fakies

Crumpet Pose Fakies

Princess Rinse n’ Spit

Soma Rainbow Love Pets

CPK-style w molded collar

Dorda Magic Meadow Pony Bendies

Skinny Legs, Chubby Bodies

BaobaB Poneez

Bouncin’ Ponies


Little Beauties

Cutie Club Colts

Bandai Strawberry Shortcake Ponies

Playmates Strawberry Shortcake Ponies

Playmates Strawberry Shortcake Fakies

Fashion Star Fillies

Rosie’s World

Twilight Ponies

Sunshine Ponies

Mei Ah Ponies

Famosa Nancy and her Fantasy Pony

Tilting Forward Pose (Famosa Fakie)

Squishy Ponies with Molded Parts

Special Unicorn / Special Horse (Pegasus)

Funville Win Goal Glimmer & Style Ponies

Funville Sparkle Girlz Ponies

Funville Sparkle Girlz Unicorns

Funville Sparkle Girlz Barbie-size Horses

Zuru Sparkle Girlz Unicorns

Play Zone (Big Lots)

Cutie Friends by Happy Line

IMG_20200302_211735Ponytopia: My Pony Family by Smart Talent Trading Limited

Princess Pony Myths


Lanard small ponyLanard (Pony Tails etc.)

M & C Ponies

Tara Pony Luv

Tara Pretty Petz

Tara Toys Circus Animals

Tara Pony Luv Fakies

Wild Republic Unicorns


Remco Fakies

Lanyi fakiesLanyi

Chap Mei unicornChap Mei

Buddy L

Simba Vintage Ponies

Simba Beauty Friends

Simba Sweet Pony

Simba Toys Steffi Love Welcome Unicorn mom & babySimba Steffi/Evi LovePonies

Greenbrier Clear Light-up Ponies

Greenbrier Pony w/ Shoes

Dollar Tree Magical Glitter Pony

Kid Kore Ponies

Dora the Explorer Ponies

Star Hill Ponies

Lying Down Carousel Baby

Dream Pony Play Sets

Zuru (5 Surprise Unicorn Squad)

Zuru (Pets Alive)

Sassy Stables

Empire Fantasy Fillies

Breyer Lucky Acres

Breyer 90s Throwback

Dazzle, My Magical Talking Pony

Zoomer Unicorns

Flocked Ponies w/ G3 Eyes

Flocked Ponies w/ Glass Eyes

Flocked Glitter Ponies

Flocked Pony in Bottle

Flocked Realistic Ponies

Patty Doll Ponies

Dream Creations Doll & Pony


Lalaloopsy Ponies


3.5″ Baby Pony w/ Molded Collar

MJ Ponies

Pink w/ Molded Collar, Raised Flower/Hearts Symbol, 5″ Tall

Pony w/ Molded Chest Medallion, Pearly Body, 4.5″ Tall

Pegasus Fakies w/ Forehead Symbols

Yellow w/ Lemon Symbol

Jumbo Pretty Pony

Disney Ponies

Pets Alive

Fisher-Price Loving Family Ponies

Fisher-Price Once Upon A Dream

Barbie Fantasy Equines

Barbie Realistic Equines

Fakie Barbie-size Equines

Barbie Magical Mini Horses

Smaller Realistic Equines

Yu Yuan Fashion Horse

Bettina Pegasus

Magic Touch

Enchanted Kingdom

Star Fairies

Royal Breeds

Pony Royale

Dream Pegasus

Bella Sara

Horses 7-9″



White/pink jointed pony with blue saddle

Molded Crown

Partial Molded Mane/Tail

Baby Ponies w/ Molded Crowns

Spaghetti Hair Pony

Chubby Cheeks Ponies

Gypsy Queen

Bratz Ponies

Starcastle Ponies

Hairdorables Pets

W.A. Jacobs Toymaker

Panini Toys

3″ Pony w/ Purple Leaves, Swirls, Hearts Symbol

3″ Pegasi

3″ Large Wing Pegasus

Velocity Toys My Fairy Pony

3″ Fantasy Horses

Pink baby w/ molded tiara

4″ Pink Unicorn w/ Purple Tail

Unicorn Style Head by Gener8

Bratz-like fakie pony w/ lipstick

Krystal Princess

Quest Ponies

Pretty Pony Club

Unicorn w/ Molded Tail

Long Necks, Rainbow Mane

Baby Ponies w/ Heart Saddles

Unipeg w/ Flexed Leg

Playskool Play Around Dollhouse (marked 1998 Hasbro)

7″ Glitter Horse

6″ Glitter Unicorn

Cabbage Patch Kids Ponies by Play Along

No. F1010

Happy People Unipeg

Lucky Ponies (Meritus Industries Inc.)

Pony Imagine Angel

Shimmercorns (Just Play, 2021)

Molded Crown & Neck Bow

Beddy Bye Eye Remco Sunshine Pony Fakie


Other Random Mini Ponies

Fakie Pony Shopping Links


Toys (Plush)

Qingdao Future Toys

Skip Hop Unicorn Plush Sensory Baby Toy

Geeknet THINKKEEG Jointed 4″ Plush Unicorns

Smiggle Plush

Kamar Wild Things

Vintage Pony Plush

Jellycat Plush

Out of the blue KG Plush

Tesco Plush

Dream Kingdom Plush

PAWS Whitehouse Leisure Plush

H&M Plush

Ty Plush

Build-A-Bear Workshop Plush

Unicorn Plush w/ Stars

Unipeg Plush w/ Rainbow & Clouds Symbol

Greenbrier Plush

Seapony Mermaid Unipeg Plush

Unicorn Seahorse Plush

Plush Sleepy Unipeg Keychains

Keychain Plush w/ Stars

Metallic Keychain Plush

Unicorn Seated Plush

Sanrio Fakie Plush

Other Modern Unicorn Plush


Toys (Plastic, No Hair)

1.75″ Pearly Unicorns

Greenbrier International Molded Plastic Ponies

1.5″ Mini Ponies

WJ (Weijun Toys) Ponies

1.75″ Unicorn & Pegasus Figurines

Dairy 4 Fun Kidsworld Angel Ponys

Miluplast “Caballito” Rainbow Ponies (from Argentina)

1″ Mini Ponies

Wang’s International Flocked 1 5/8″ Mini Ponies (craft supply)

2″ Unicorn, Pegasus & Dragon Figures

Licca Doll Pets

Lil’ Unicorns: Cute & Squishy!

Zuru 5 Surprise Suction Cup Mini Ponies

Treein Art Hola Ponies

Magical Crystaland by Rui Feng

My Lovely Horse Minis

Party Favor Figurines

3″ Crystal Ponies

Barbie On-the-Go

Unmarked Chunky Toddler Toy Horses

Tokidoki Unicorno Figures

Fakie Tokidoki Unicorno & Mermicorno Mini Figures

Mini Figures

Shopkins Ponies

Squinkies Ponies

Hatchimals Ponies

Tinosaurs Kobby the Horse

Groovy Girls

Seahorse w/ Wings

Zapf Creations Ponies

Powerpuff Girls

Moshi Monsters

Pony In My Pocket


Lissy Magic Ponys

Magiki Toys

Galupy / Lil’ Flockers

Sweet Box Ponies

Kinder Surprise Ponies

Flower Ponies

Gom-mini Ponies

Soma PVC Ponies

Play Zone (Big Lots) 2″ Mini Ponies

Spin Master Uni-verse

Breyer Stablemates

Schleich Bayala

Schleich Fakies

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Fantasy Ponies

Papo Fantasy

Playmobil Ponies

Dream Pony Garden (Playmakers)

Shimmer and Shine Ponies

Animolds Unicorn

Bendy Ponies

Rubber Squishy Toys

Rubber Unicorns

1.25″ Rubber Sitting Unicorn Figures

3″ Unicorn Figurines

Little Unicorn

VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn

Light-up Pull String Ponies

Light-up Walking Ponies

Fan/Spinning Light Wand Toys

Ball Popper Toys

Magic Grow Unicorns

Fantasy Equine Anti-stress Squishy Toys

Baby Toys


Other Stuff



Candy Dispensers

Unicorn Head Keychains

Other Keychains

Resin Figurines

Hamilton Collection Rainbow Dreams Figurines

Steve Read Unicorns

Plastic Cake Topper Figurines

Rhinestone Pony Jewelry

Pony Rings

Pony Pins

Pony Hair Decorations

Other Pony Jewelry

3D Puzzle Erasers

Pony Candles

Pencil Toppers

Pencil Cases



Iron-on Patches

Flatback Charms, Buttons




Other animals with brushable hair (or just cute)!

Animals w/ Chest Hair

Zuru My Magical Seahorse

Unidentified Mini Pets


Barbie Animals

Disney Palace Pets / Whisker Haven Tales


Kitty Care (Hornby)


Darlin’ Dinos

Hair Bears

Mystic Babies

HTI Dragons