Fakie Pony Shopping Links

Fakie ponies are rarely identified in listings, so it can be challenging to find a particular model. Usually they just show up in My Little Pony lots. These are some of my go-to searches for turning up interesting lots.


eBay search: pony lot

(This searches all categories. There will be some off-topic items, but I like to keep the terms broad to get the most results.)


eBay search: horse lot

(Most toys listed as horses tend to be the more realistic-style. There are still interesting ponies that show up under this search from time to time.)


eBay search: fakie pony lot / eBay search: fakie pony

(Some sellers will separate fakies and sell them as such. I’ve found some fun lots this way.)


The brands that are marked somewhere on the toy have a higher chance of being found in a search:

eBay search: pony lanard

eBay search: pony remco