Toys (Plastic, Molded Hair)

Mega Bloks Ponies

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

She-Ra on Swift Wind Funko Pop

Hatchimals Rainbow-cation Hatchicorn

Be My Own (Chap Mei)

General Mills Berry Bears Fruit Snacks Pegasus Promo Figurines

Wee Wild Things (Mattel, 1987)

Darling Animal Friends (Trendmasters, 1994)

Magical Flutter Brush (1998, Meritus Industries)

My Princess Pony (Keenway)

Precious Places (Fisher-Price)

Bluey Unipony

Little People (Fisher-Price)

Imaginext (Fisher-Price)

Target Bullseye’s Playground Cupid Valentine’s Animals

Toffee & Friends Emotion Pets (Giochi Preziosi)

Unmarked 3.5″ Pegasus

Unknown 3.5″ Pony w/ Molded Hair & Bridle

Step 2 Unicorn

Dream Builders Pony (Tyco)

Mega Construx Crystal Creatures

Small World Importing Co. Pony Bank

A.J. Renzi Corp. Unicorn Bank

Jointed Fakie

Twisty Petz (Spin Master)

Cherry Merry Muffin


No. F1010

1.75″ Pearly Unicorns

Greenbrier International Molded Plastic Ponies

1.5″ Mini Ponies

WJ (Weijun Toys) Ponies

1.75″ Unicorn & Pegasus Figurines

Dairy 4 Fun Kidsworld Angel Ponys

Miluplast “Caballito” Rainbow Ponies (from Argentina)

1″ Mini Ponies

Wang’s International Flocked 1 5/8″ Mini Ponies (craft supply)

Horizon Group Unicorns

Glitzeez Pets 2″ Unicorn, Pegasus & Dragon Figures (Zuru)

Licca Doll Pets

Lil’ Unicorns: Cute & Squishy!

Zuru 5 Surprise Suction Cup Mini Ponies

Treein Art Hola Ponies

Magical Crystaland by Rui Feng

My Lovely Horse Minis

Party Favor Figurines

3″ Crystal Ponies

Barbie On-the-Go

Unmarked Chunky Toddler Toy Horses

Tokidoki Unicorno Figures

Fakie Tokidoki Unicorno & Mermicorno Mini Figures

Mini Figures

Echo Unicorn Keychain (American Heart Association 2019)

Shopkins Ponies

Squinkies Ponies

Hatchimals Ponies

Tinosaurs Kobby the Horse

Groovy Girls

Seahorse w/ Wings

2″ Pink Spotted Pony

4″ Unmarked Unicorn

1.75″ Party Favor Unicorn

Zapf Creations Ponies

Powerpuff Girls

Moshi Monsters

Pony In My Pocket


Lissy Magic Ponys

Magiki Toys

1.5″ Flocked Ponies

Galupy / Lil’ Flockers

Sweet Box Ponies

Kinder Surprise Ponies

Flower Ponies

Gom-mini Ponies

Soma PVC Ponies

Play Zone (Big Lots) 2″ Mini Ponies

Spin Master Uni-verse

Breyer Stablemates

Breyer Paddock Pals Unicorns

Schleich Bayala

Schleich Horses

Schleich Fakies

Early Learning Centre (ELC) Fantasy Ponies

Papo Fantasy

Safari, Ltd. Fantasy Equines

Mojo Fantasy Equines

Creatology Equines

Animal Quest PMC Fantasy Equines

Simba Horses

2.75″ Unicorn Foal

Toy Major Fantasy Equines

1998 Unicorn Family

2″ Glow-in-the-Dark Horses

Random Farm Horses

Playmobil Ponies

Little Tikes Dollhouse Horse

Dream Pony Garden (Playmakers)

Shimmer and Shine Ponies

JoJo Siwa

My Precious Pets (Jasman)

Lego Belville

Spirit (Dreamworks Animation [DWA])

Altivo the Horse (Dreamworks’ The Road to El Dorado)

Animolds Unicorn

Bendy Ponies

Oriental Trading Unicorn Party Supplies

Rubber Squishy Toys

Rubber Unicorns

1.25″ Rubber Sitting Unicorn Figures

3″ Unicorn Figurines

Little Unicorn

VTech Myla the Magical Unicorn

Light-up Pull String Ponies

Light-up Walking Ponies

Fan/Spinning Light Wand Toys

Ball Popper Toys

Magic Grow Unicorns

Fantasy Equine Anti-stress Squishy Toys

Baby Toys

Water Bead Toys

Light-up Wand