Spin Master Uni-verse – A Surprising World of Unicorns!

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Sweet Treats Landing

Choco Dream Darlene (scented, very uni-que)

Donutty Dottie (liquid-filled, super-duper uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Jam-boree Jamie (uni-que)


Nummy Bay

Lotsa Mozza Ella (uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Bun Appetit Becca (scented, very uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Diggity Dee (uni-que)


Pet Party Peak

Char-ming Ming (fuzzy, uni-que)

Zing-a-long Zoey (fun hair, extra uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Moo Moo Molly (fun hair, extra uni-que)

Glam-A-Ganza Land

Glammin’ Cameryn (uni-que)

Mwah-mwah Mia (liquid-filled, super-duper uni-que)

Scentsational Sasha (scented, very uni-que)


Superstar City

Goddess Goldie (metallic, very uni-que)

Super Stariana (uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Jammin’ Jazzmine (uni-que)



Dilly Dolly Dotty (fun hair, extra uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Arcadey Sadey (uni-que)

Wind-up Wonder Wendy (uni-que) (accessories not shown)


Mist-terious Land

Rainy Day Reina (glow in the dark, uni-que)

Sunburst Sydney (glow in the dark, very uni-que) (accessories not shown)

Anne-arctica (translucent, extra uni-que)

An unidentified unicorn from Series 2?

This appears to be a little buddy, but I haven’t confirmed which unicorn he came with.

Shop: on eBay / on Amazon (affiliate links)
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