Schleich Bayala

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Flower Unicorn:

#70543 Pegasus Foal:

Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion:

Marshmallow Unicorn Foal:

Mandala Unicorn Stallion:

Mandala Unicorn Foal:

Moon Unicorn Stallion:

Star Pegasus Mare:

Shooting Star Unicorn Foal:

Rainbow Unicorn Family



Rainbow Love Mare:

Rainbow Love Unicorn Foal:

Sea Unicorn Mare:

Sea Unicorn Foal:

Majestic Sparkle Flower Pegasus:

Flower Unicorn Foal:

Decorated Pegasus Stallion:

Decorated Unicorn Mare:

Decorated Unicorn-Pegasus Foal:

Sunrise Pegasus Foal:

Elementa Water Flame Baby Unicorn:

Winged Rainbow Baby Unicorn Foal:

Sera on horseback:

Marween with unicorn:

Sera with Blossom:

Princess Unicorn (originally came with Fairy Eyela, not shown):

Feya’s White Stallion:

Sun Elf Oleana’s mare:

Eyala and mer-horse:

Feya mermaid & unicorn, hermit crab:

Eyela Fairy with Golden Unicorn:

Mermaid on sea unicorn:

Gabriella mermaid with horse:

Flower Dragon mom & baby:

Nightsky Dragon:

Axolotl Family:

72178 Special Gift Set:

70714 Winged Lion: