Gi-Go Tootsie Pose

This pose was heavily inspired by Hasbro’s mold first seen on Cherries Jubilee and Tootsie.  It is a little bit smaller than the Hasbro version. This body has been paired with various head types, and the body has been further modified to include pegasus wings (usually paired with a unicorn head).

Gi-Go Toys seems to be the manufacturer of the Tootsie pose varieties. They are behind many store brands for retailers including (but not limited to) Walgreens, Wal-mart (Kid Connection), and Toys R Us, and may not be credited on the package. If not sold under a store label, these ponies are often packaged as Wonder Pony Land. In the UK, they show up under the brand name Chad Valley. Usually they are a part of “family packs” along with the walking teen and various babies.

Some feature variations to look for are:
-Head (long, short, unicorn, molded bridle, unipeg)
-Head detailing (forehead blaze, painted bridle)
-Eyes (painted or glass)
-Hooves (painted or not)
-Body (earth or pegasus)
-Tail (rooted or plug)
-Symbol (left, right, or both)
-Manufacturer markings

Here are pictures of my collection:

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