Buddy L Ponies

Buddy L/SLM Inc ponies were sold in the early 1990’s (packages I’ve seen were dated 1990 and 1991). They all have electronic talking/neighing/galloping sounds, and sometimes light-up jewels/horns. They were the first fakies, I believe, to have molded bridles (which Gi-Go went on to copy). The two series names I’ve found are “Talk to Me Pony Tales” (for the earth ponies) and “Talk to Me Pony Magic Unicorn” (for the pegicorns). But for the loose ponies I’ve found, I’ve separated them into six categories of feature combinations (looking at things like neck band, bridle, saddle, and forehead jewel).

Simba made a similar pony with sound action (Galoppy Pony).

Talk to Me Pony in package:

Neck band, bridle, and forehead jewel, symbol:

Saddle, bridle, and forehead jewel (either heart or star):

These two appear the same but with different colors mixed in the tail:

Saddle, bridle, wings, and horn:

Saddle, neck band, bridle, and forehead jewel: 


(see her baby below!)


(see mom above)

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