Vintage Simba Ponies

There appears to be some sort of relationship between Simba and Gi-Go. Simba’s Dreamland Tootsie pose is copied exactly on Gi-Go ponies (different head), and Simba symbols are reused on Gi-Go. Manufacturing materials look to me to be the same. Interestingly, Gi-Go also makes dolls and these are marked Simba on the head mold and Gi-Go on the sewn-in tag. (Source: eBay listings.) My theory is that Gi-Go was making them for Simba all along, or they bought molds from Simba. (Theory only!)

These appear to be Simba fakies due to the appearance of the eyes. At least, I’m not aware of any fakies of Simba that copied the eye exactly.

Yellow Tootsie-pose adult with birds symbol, rainbow hair:

Sitting Blue w/ Whistles (Windwhistler) Symbol:


For more info on Simba ponies of this type, see My Little Wiki, The MLP Fakie Project, and Vetten’s Collection.

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