Vintage Simba Ponies

There appears to be some sort of relationship between Simba and Gi-Go. Simba’s Dreamland Tootsie pose is copied exactly on Gi-Go ponies (different head), and Simba symbols are reused on Gi-Go. Manufacturing materials look to me to be the same. Interestingly, Gi-Go also makes dolls and these are marked Simba on the head mold and Gi-Go on the sewn-in tag. (Source: eBay listings.) My theory is that Gi-Go was making them for Simba all along, or they bought molds from Simba. (Theory only!)

These appear to be by Simba due to the appearance of the eyes.

Yellow Tootsie-pose adult with birds symbol, rainbow hair:

Yellow w/ shooting stars symbol:

Yellow unipeg w/ moon and stars symbol:

Sitting Blue w/ Whistles (Windwhistler) Symbol:

Galoppy Pony with sound (fakie of Buddy L):

This pony resembles the Just Married pony, but the symbol is a little different:

For more info on Simba ponies of this type, see My Little Wiki, The MLP Fakie Project, and Vetten’s Collection.

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