Gi-Go Carousel/Circus Ponies

These are Gi-Go versions of an earlier release by Simba (I think). These are clearly inspired by the Merry-Go-Round MLP collection, though the pose is not identical. The mold has “MADE / IN / CHINA / 1″ stamped out across four hooves. They are 5” tall. See the MLP Fakie Project and Vetten’s site for more information on vintage releases.

These two have the “cap” painted.

This is an oddity, maybe a factory error? The eyes are melting out of the sockets:

This one has the “cap” unpainted, maybe from a different year’s line when they dropped that detail.

This is the baby mold that is paired with the adults:

Note alternate hair colors:

Mom & Baby:

There is also a jumbo version of the baby. I didn’t note size but I think it’s around 7″ tall. May not be Gi-Go.

This is an alternate adult pose marked with a Gi-Go mold number (L-04-T1).

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