Gi-Go Unipeg Baby

The unipeg baby comes in two poses, standing (roughly the pose of Princess Tiffany, but smaller) or rearing (like Magic Star). They rarely have symbols, but I have recently found one that does have one. They are marked MADE IN CHINA on a back hoof, with no other markings. Approx. 3.5″ high.

There can be some variation in how the eye paint job comes out. Iris can be more rounded or have a more flat edge along the bottom:

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Standing Pose:

This baby came in a lot of 80’s Simba fakies. I don’t know for certain if Simba made baby unipgs, but it would follow the pattern of Gi-Go re-using Simba molds. This one has identical hoof markings to Gi-Go, but the eyes are a different style:

This one may be a fakie. It is a Gi-Go pose, but materials feel cheaper:

Rearing Pose:

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