Kandytoys Ponies

KandyToys Fakie Unicorns, 5″ Tall:

This body has been used on Gi-Go ponies (Mold L-04-B1), but the head is different. Fringed hoof delineation. Horns are lightly glittered. Symbol on one side only; other side has manufacturer markings.


The same body type and symbol has been found on these two ponies, lacking Gi-Go OR Kandytoys markings (no hoof markings), with two kinds of heads (with or without molded bridle):

This one is marked Tesco (UK store):

It’s Girl Stuff Pretty Pony:

This is a product from the UK branded by Kandytoys. The pony is G3-style, no symbol, and closer to large Fashion Style size. The set is also available with blue or green ponies.

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