G3 Fakies Index

This is our collection of G3-style fakies! Cataloging fakies is an inexact science, often having no known brand to sort by; or the same toys are marketed by different companies. There are many ways to sort, but this is the categorization I have developed for my herd. They may be grouped by size, symbol, pose, or other notable features as the mood struck me at the time.

Fakie Baby w/ Molded Hair

Baby Alive Fakie

G3 Body / CPK Head Pegasus


Babyzilla Fakies
Boley Fakies
Breezie Fakies
G4 Symbols
Kandytoys Ponies
Large 8″ Pegasus Ponies
Large Unicorns
Larger G3-Style Unipegs
Long Hair Fakies
Mini 3″ Fakies
Ponyville Fakies
Rarity Unicorn Pose Fakies
Sairy Style Doll & Pony (by DEFA, Leisuretime)

Butterfly, flowers, and swirls symbol
Small 3.5″ Fakies
Small Pegicorn 3.5″
Sparkle Playful Pony
StarSong Pegasus Fakie
Sweetie Belle Symbol

Hearts & “Love” Symbol
Translucent Ponies
UK G3 Fakies
Walmart Tube Ponies
Without Symbols
Everything that didn’t fit in one of the above categories

Fakie Viewmaster/G3 MLP “Horse In Viewer”
Rainbow Dash Hair Clip

Rainbow Dash Pins

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