G3 Fakies Index

This is our collection of G3-style fakies! Cataloging fakies is an inexact science, often having no known brand to sort by; or the same toys are marketed by different companies. There are many ways to sort, but this is the categorization I have developed for my herd. They may be grouped by size, symbol, pose, or other notable features as the mood struck me at the time.

Fakie Baby w/ Molded Hair

Baby Alive Fakie

G3 Body / CPK Head Pegasus


Unipeg w/ short neck & legs

Babyzilla Fakies
Boley Fakies
Breezie Fakies
G4 Symbols
Kandytoys Ponies
Large 8″ Pegasus Ponies
Large Unicorns
Larger G3-Style Unipegs
Long Hair Fakies
Mini 3″ Fakies
Ponyville Fakies
Rarity Unicorn Pose Fakies
Sairy Style Doll & Pony (by DEFA, Leisuretime)

Butterfly, flowers, and swirls symbol
Small 3.5″ Fakies
Small Pegicorn 3.5″
Sparkle Playful Pony
StarSong Pegasus Fakie
Sweetie Belle Symbol

Hearts & “Love” Symbol
Translucent Ponies
UK G3 Fakies
Walmart Tube Ponies

Grasshoppers Symbol
Without Symbols
Everything that didn’t fit in one of the above categories

Charles the Fakie Custom Monster Pony

Fakie Viewmaster/G3 MLP “Horse In Viewer”
Rainbow Dash Hair Clip

Rainbow Dash Pins

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