Gi-Go Mold L-04-B2A

This is a Gi-Go mold that shows up in Wonder Pony Land (and other store brand) sets. The right-side legs and close together and left-side legs spread apart. Marked L-04-B2A and MADE IN CHINA on bottom back hooves.

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Striped candies (or beachballs) symbol:

Yellow flower, two white flowers symbol:

Light pink flower symbol:

Large purple butterfly symbol:

Small magenta butterfly symbol:

Pair of butterflies symbol:

Yellow butterfly symbol:

Blue butterfly symbol:

Heart wand symbol:

Rainbow and stars symbol:

Black-outlined flower and hearts symbol:

Large heart with small heart symbol:

This one may be a fakie. It is a Gi-Go pose and symbol, but with different hoof markings (MADE IN CHINA on single hoof):

Fireworks symbol:

Umbrellas symbol:

Flowers and dot trails symbol:

Bird symbol:

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  1. I have another style of pony of this mold that You guys don’t have. Its blue and her cutie mark it’s a butterfly I can donate the photo for the page.

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