Gi-Go Mold 5-09-B2

This mold is approximately 4.25″ tall, a larger baby pony or adolescent. It is the same shape but larger than Mold 5-09-B1. It originally had a small head with inset eyes; it was remade in recent years with larger head and painted eyes.

Also see Mold QQ, which is a pegasus version.

A fakie of the Gi-Go mold has also been spotted. It has “Made in China” on the bottom of one hoof, but no mold number.

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Small head, inset eyes, earth pony:

(may or may not have additional Gi-Go code marking)

Alternate side symbols:

Small head, inset eyes, unicorn:

Large eyes, earth pony:

Large eyes, thick lashes, heart and 2 dots in eye unicorn:

Large eyes, thinner lashes, star and dot in eye (unicorn):

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