Gi-Go Ember Pose

This Gi-Go baby copies the basic Ember MLP pose. This mold has also been used by Ja-Ru, and possibly others. The ones by Ja-Ru/not Gi-Go are typically made of slightly more transparent plastic. From what I have observed in my collection, real Gi-Gos in this pose will be marked Made In China on a back hoof, but Ja-Ru and other knockoffs may have this removed.

Most in this pose have a head roughly in the shape of the Hasbro mold; there is a more modern design that is longer in the snout, and may be earth pony or unicorn.

Long Face Earth Pony:

(shade difference in symbol)

Long Face Unicorn:

Original Earth Pony:

Original Earth Pony, Fancy Pants Diaper Design:

Original Earth Pony, Fancy Pants Diaper Design, Big Cartoony Eyes:

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