Gi-Go Mold 3-05-B1 (Walking Teen)

This mold is approx. 4.5″ tall, marked 3-05-B1 and MADE IN CHINA on back hooves. They can be found as either earth ponies or unicorns. There are fakies of this mold that do not have the mold number and are made of lower quality plastic. All the authentic Gi-Gos I have found have inset glass eyes; the knockoffs may have painted or inset eyes. Click images to enlarge.

Earth Pony – Green

Earth Pony – Blue

(periwinkle blue vs brighter blue)

Earth Pony – Purple

Earth Pony – Magenta

(note eye differences)

(reverse side symbols)

Earth Pony – Pink

(paint shade difference on strawberry top)

(above: note unusual eyeshadow)

(alternate side symbols / differences in tail rooting)

Earth Pony – Red/Orange

Earth Pony – White

(alternate side symbols)

Unicorn – Blue

Unicorn – Purple

Unicorn – Magenta

Unicorn – Pink

(alternate side symbols)

Unicorn – Orange

Unicorn – White


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