Gi-Go Mold SML-05-B1

This is a larger pony, about 9″ tall. I have seen the body paired with a CPK-style head in the US, and in the UK it comes with a smaller head. It is a little smaller than the Jumbo CPK-style but seems to have taken the place of it in recent years. They sometimes have painted saddles; but it is not a molded saddle, just a painted oval on the back.

There is another version of this mold, SML-05-B2, with electronic trotting sounds.

Hoof markings:

Note that each model may have symbols on one or both sides, and/or store markings on back leg. Saddles may or may not have hearts painted along the edge.

CPK-style head:

Smaller head, earth pony:

(I have found this one with Gi-Go marking on leg and without)

Smaller head, unicorn:

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