Gi-Go Mold SML-16-B1 (Jumbo)

This mold is about 9″ tall, larger than the standard adult size. Marked SML-16-B1 on back hoof. They may or may not have a painted (but not molded) saddle. I have found unicorns and earth ponies. Click images to enlarge. (There is a larger version with molded saddle.)

Inset “glass” eyes:

Painted eyes, thick lashes, heart in pupil:


Unicorn with light-up horn & sounds:

Earth ponies:

Painted eyes, thinner lashes, star in pupil:

Painted eyes, thinner lashes, three hearts in eyes:

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  1. My granddaughter came across the dark pink one and insisted on getting it. It’s 2nd hand and no info ect. I was curious and trying to find out some info about it.

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