Fakie Mold 5-09-B1

This is 3.5″ tall, a knockoff of Gi-Go Mold 5-09-B1. The mold number has been removed from the hoof; it says “made in china” on one front hoof.

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This one was found in generic packaging distributed by Midwood Brands LLC:

These ones are very good imitations of Gi-Go, but have different hoof markings (MADE IN CHINA on single back hoof):

This style has a heart and 2 dots in the eyes. Slightly shorter than the above, about 3.25″. May be marked on the side DOLGEN (Dollar General).

These two earth ponies were found in a package by Fenicalcan distributed by Old East Main Co:

These ones were found in a Kid Connection (Walmart store brand) tube during the holiday season 2020. They came with babies in Fakie Mold 5-12-B1. (The babies each match an adult, but there were 5 bigger ponies and only 4 babies, so one does not have a matched baby.)


(pink was the only one with additional hoof marking)

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