2019 Polly Pocket Index

Thumbnail Year Size Character(s) Item # Asst # UPC
2019 Micro Snow Globes Ice Fishing Shack Polly, kitten GNG67 GNG66 887961869606
2019 Micro Snow Globes Ice Castle Polly, reindeer GNG68 GNG66 887961869613
2019 Micro Snow Globes Christmas Tree Polly, Yeti GNG69 GNG66 887961869620
2019 Micro Snow Globes Igloo Polly, husky GNG70 GNG66 887961869637
2019 Fashion Vacation Helicopter Lila GKL59 887961829419
2019 Fashion Paris Playset Polly, Shani GKL61 LOOKING FOR
2019 Fashion Jet Polly GKL62 LOOKING FOR
2019 Fashion Lil’ Lake House Polly GHY65 887961806656
2019 Fashion Lil’ Lake Getaway (bundled with Surf ‘N’ Sandventure) Polly
2019 Fashion Grill ‘N’ Chill Play Pack Lila GFT96 GFT95 887961769746
2019 Fashion Surf ‘N’ Splash Play Pack Polly GFR01 GFT95 887961767995
2019 Micro Blind Pack Assortment Sand Secrets GKL69 887961828702
2019 Micro Advent Calendar Polly, Shani, Lila, Nicolas GKL46 887961829280
2019 Micro Compact Tiny Is Mighty Theme Park Backpack Polly, Lila GKL60 887961829402
2019 Micro Compact Llama Music Party Polly, Lila GKL50 FRY35 887961828450
2019 Micro Compact Saturn Space Explorer Polly, Shani GKL51 FRY35 887961828429
2019 Micro Compact Freezin’ Fun Narwhal Polly, Lila GKL52 FRY35 887961828412
2019 Micro Compact Jungle Safari Polly, Shani GKL53 FRY35 887961828481
2019 Micro Pollyville Hotel Polly, Lila GKL58 GGC29 887961829389
2019 Micro Pollyville Airplane Polly GKL50 GGC39 887961829310
2019 Micro Pollyville Super Slidin’ Water Park Polly, Shani GNG65 887961869583
2019 Micro Tiny Power Seashell Purse Polly, Lila GNH11 GKJ63 887961869996
2019 Micro Unicorn Party Polly, Lila GKL24 887961829136
2019 Fashion Swirl ‘N’ Slide Smoothie Stand Polly GFR00 LOOKING FOR
2019 Fashion Cute ‘N’ Cool Pool Party Polly GFR07 LOOKING FOR
2019 Fashion Check Lane Single Polly (white dress, aqua apron with sprinkle design) GKL27 FWY19 887961686135
2019 Fashion Check Lane Single Nicolas (pineapple shirt) GKL28 FWY19 887961686135
2019 Fashion Check Lane Single Shani (black/white leopard print dress with green/purple leaves) GKL29 FWY19 887961686135
2019 Fashion Check Lane Single Lila (pink dress with green hearts) GKL30 FWY19 887961686135
2019 Micro Mini Compact Backyard Grill Lila GKJ43 GKJ39 887961828351
2019 Micro Mini Compact Playground Polly GKJ42 GKJ39 887961828382
2019 Micro Mini Compact Snow Cabin Polly GKJ41 GKJ39 LOOKING FOR
2019 Micro Mini Compact Farmer’s Market Polly GKJ40 GKJ39 887961828344
2019 Micro Pollyville Ice Cream Truck Polly GGC40 GGC39 887961774986
2019 Micro Pollyville Party Limo Lila GGC41 GGC39 887961775006
2019 Micro Camper Van Polly Polly GKL49 GGC39 887961829303
2019 Micro Pollyville Candy Store Polly, Lila GKL57 GGC29
2019 Micro Pollyville Diner Polly, Shani GGC30 GGC29 887961774917
2019 Micro Pollyville Arcade Polly, Lila GFP41 GGC29 887961767452
2019 Micro Pollyville Mini Middle School Polly, Shani GFM48
Pollyville Micro Promenade – Diner, Arcade, Candy Shop LOOKING FOR
2018 Micro Compact Pamperin’ Perfume Spa Polly, Lila GDK81
2019 Micro Hidden Hideouts Candy Adventure Polly GKV11 GDK76 887961832174
2019 Micro Hidden Hideouts Dino Discovery  Lila GKV10 GDK76 887961832181
2019 Micro Compact Lil’ Ladybug Garden Polly, Lila GKJ48 FRY35 887961828467
2019 Micro Compact Owlnite Campsite Polly, Shani GKJ47 FRY35 887961828443
2019 Micro Compact Cactus Cowgirl Polly, Shani GKJ46 FRY35 887961828474
2019 Micro Compact Sweet Sails Cruise Ship Compact Polly, Lila GKJ49 FRY35 887961828436
2019 Micro Purse Rainbow Dream Purse / Bolsa de Ensueño / Sacoche Rêve Arc-en-Ciel / Bolsa de Arco-íris GKJ65 GKJ63 887961828634
2019 Micro Purse Tropicool Pineapple Purse Polly, Lila GKJ64 GKJ63 887961828641
2019 Fashion Playset Poppin’ Party Pad GFR12 887961767957
2019 Fashion Servin’ Style Fash Pack (Coffret Tenues de Sport, Pack de Moda Cheio de Estilo, Pack de Moda Servin’ Style) Polly, Shani GGJ50 GGJ48 887961780321

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