Sand Secrets Series 2

Like Series 1, this assortment consists of 10 different sets, further divided by the type of plastic used for the base of the display  case: solid teal (5), pearl finish (3), and glitter (2). One case of 18 yields 2 each of 9 different sets, so one set will always be missing from a case.

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Girl w/ Snail, Flower Swing:

Girl w/ Lighthouse, Boat, Shell:

Girl w/ Stone Hot Tub, Grill, Drinks:

Girl w/ Horse, Fence Jump, Cart:

Nicolas w/ Panda Bear, Leaf Chair, Camera:

Girl w/ Swing, Fountain, Butterfly Wings:

Polly w/ Dinosaur, Egg, Laptop:

Shani w/ Stone Hot Tub, Tiki Bar, Blender:

Polly w/ Lighthouse, Boat, Treasure Chest:

Lila w/ Leaf Chair, Hammock: looking for