Sand Secrets Series 3

Like Series 1 and 2, this assortment consists of 10 different sets. The display case claims that there are 5 “Neon” (neon pink base) and 5 “Glow in the Dark”, but this is incorrect and there are actually 3 Glow in the Dark (clear base) and 2 Glitter (clear base with glitter). Out of my sealed case of 18, I got a complete series (2 each of 8 of the sets, 1 each of 2).

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Nicolas w/ treat stand, cart, pizza box:

Girl w/ playground house, swing, horse toy:

Girl w/ t-rex, cape, egg:

Girl w/ turtle, jet ski, surfboard:

Girl w/ cat tree, stroller, cat:


Girl w/ reindeer, carriage, castle:

Polly w/ alien, UFO, flag:

Glow in the Dark:

Polly w/ camp stove, Bigfoot, tree:

Lila w/ big cake, lollipop ride, lollipop:

Shani w/ dragon, treasure chest, castle: