Lanard Ponies Index

Lanard ponies are a pretty decent quality as knockoffs go; the main problem I experience with them is their hair plugs tend to come out with a little brushing. Lanard pony molds have also been copied by other manufacturers; so note that for the purposes of this section, “fakie” refers to knock-offs of the Lanard models themselves.

Classic Designs

Lanard Adult Mold 1
Lanard Adult Mold 2
Fakie Adult Mold 2
Lanard Adult Mold 3
Fakie Adult Mold 3
Lanard Foal Mold 1
Lanard Foal Mold 2
Fakie Foal Mold 2
Lanard Foal Mold 3
Fakie Foal Mold 3
Lanard Teen Mold
Fakie Teen Mold
Lanard Babies
Fakie Babies

Modern Series

Jumbo 8″ Ponies
Beach Series
The Carousel Collection
Fantasy Kingdom Pocket Ponies

Other Hard Plastic Little Ponies
Pony Tales Once Upon Adventure
Lanard Zoo

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