Lanard Foal Mold 2

This mold is approximately 3.5″ tall, with all four hooves on the ground. It is slightly smaller than what I term the “Teen Mold”. There are multiple versions of the belly imprint. It may say 1994 LANARD CHINA, with or without a Lanard logo above the year. There is also a 1997 MADE IN CHINA (no mention of Lanard, but I have it in package).

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I’m including these as legit Lanard because they are marked on the belly, but I suspect it is a copy because it feels cheaper and has a symbol seen on lower-quality Remco fakies.

Party Ponies with patches:

Back symbols:

Pastel, tinsel hair, stars in pupils:

Eyes with three dots in iris:

Eyes with star and dot in pupil:

(opposite side symbols)

Eyes with two dots in pupil:

(magenta vs. purple stars)

Twinkle burst in eye (used in the Fairykins doll line):

Pop Stars: