Remco Fakies

These are fakies OF Remco ponies. These ponies have been made/distributed by different companies, and generally have no markings (occasionally they will be stamped CHINA, but no company name). Ja-Ru is responsible for some. Sizes may differ slightly between companies.

Note that there are no winged authentic Remco ponies; the fakie unipeg mold is modified from the Remco baby earth/unicorn. The rearing baby is not based on any authentic Remco designs, but it is often paired with the fakie unipeg and are given the Remco-style eyes.

Adult – No Symbol

(alternate order of hair color stripes)

Adult by Fairland Toy

This is the only non-Remco I have found with manufacturer marking.

Unipeg Squeaky Toy

Adult – Bows Symbol

Adult – Hearts Symbol (two hearts on each side – on one side close together, on other spaced apart; or blank on one side)

Adult – Stars & Heart Symbol

Adult – Flower Symbol (this same symbol is used on fakie Chap Mei ponies)

(long hair vs. short hair)

Adult – Glitter (These are by Simba for the Evi Love doll line, one of numerous styles of ponies they have gone through. These are nicer quality than most Remco fakies. Note that these are the only ponies in this pose to have molded swirls around the hooves.)

Baby Earth – No Symbol

(note the camel hump deformed back)

Baby Earth – Bells Symbol

(Toysmith marking)

Baby Earth – Hearts Symbol (may have one heart on one side and two hears on the other, or blank second side):

Baby Earth – Stars & Heart Symbol

Baby Earth – Flower Symbol

Baby Earth – Balloons Symbol

With back loop for keychain ring:

This one has unusual hair, a longer “ponytail” section at the base of the mane:

Baby Unicorn – Balloons Symbol

Baby Unipeg – Balloons Symbol

Baby Unipeg – Music Notes Symbol

Baby Rearing – Bows Symbol

Baby Rearing – ABC Symbol

In package:


This one is the size of a Remco baby fakie, but has the opposite front hoof raised, and some more defined muscle lines.

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