Remco Fakies

These are fakies OF Remco ponies. These ponies have been made/distributed by different companies, and generally have no manufacturer markings (occasionally they will be stamped CHINA, but no company name). Ja-Ru is responsible for some. Sizes may differ slightly between companies.

Note that there are no winged authentic Remco ponies; the fakie unipeg mold is modified from the Remco baby earth/unicorn. The rearing baby is not based on any authentic Remco designs, but it is often paired with the fakie unipeg and are given the Remco-style eyes.

Adult – No Symbol

Adult by Fairland Toy

Adult Unipeg Squeaky Toy

Adult – Bows Symbol

Adult – Hearts Symbol

Adult – Stars & Heart Symbol

Adult – Flower Symbol

Adult – Fruit Symbol

Adult – Simba Evi Love

Baby Earth – No Symbol

Baby Earth – Bells Symbol

Baby Earth – Hearts Symbol

Baby Earth – Stars & Heart Symbol

Baby Earth – Flower Symbol

Baby Earth – Balloons Symbol

Baby Unicorn – Balloons Symbol

Baby Unipeg – Balloons Symbol

Baby Unipeg – Music Notes Symbol

Baby Rearing – Bows Symbol

Baby Rearing – ABC Symbol


In package:


This one is the size of a Remco baby fakie, but has the opposite front hoof raised, and some more defined muscle lines.

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