Off the Hook Dolls (Spin Master, 2018)

This short-lived line of dolls operate on the principle of the Pop ‘n Swap Polly Pocket dolls from 2008-09. Their heads, hair, torso, legs, and shoes pop-apart into separate sections (plus accessories and purses) for mix-and-match fun. There are six characters and three main themes (Concert, Summer Vacay, or Spring Dance). (There is a fourth unnamed theme represented as a heart that only has two characters listed on the flyer.) They were available in single, 2- and 3-packs.

Photos from my collection and stock images shown. Click to enlarge.


Summer Vacay – Striped Anchor

Summer Vacay – Heart Tights

Summer Vacay – Daisy Shorts (with Daisy Boots Jenni)

Concert – Sparkling Star

Spring Dance – Glamour Glitter


Summer Vacay – Beach Ballerina

Concert – Lightning Bolt

Concert – Glitter Rock

Spring Dance – Yellow Bling

Spring Dance – Aqua Sparkle

Heart – Sunset Clouds


Summer Vacay -Pink Flamingos

Summer Vacay – Daisy Boots (with Daisy Shorts Vivian)

Concert – Denim Overalls

Spring Dance – Floral Chic

Spring Dance – Pink Bow

Heart – Glitter Vest


Summer Vacay – Summer Denim

Summer Vacay – Dream Dress

Concert – Kitty Rock

Concert – Leopard Punk

Spring Dance – Ruffled Rainbow


Summer Vacay – Cherry Chic

Concert – Metal Pop

Concert – Kitty Cool

Spring Dance – Pastel Hearts

Spring Dance – Daisy Glitter


Summer Vacay – Seashell Stripes

Summer Vacay – Beach Day

Concert – Metallic Blue

Concert – Ruffle Stars

Spring Dance – Pink Sparkle

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