Disney Palace Pets / Whisker Haven Tales

This is a line based on the pets of Disney princesses. It was made by Blip Toys originally (approx. 2013-2015); around 2016 it changed hands to Jakks Pacific (the alternate title “Whisker Haven Tales” was added at this point). They’re small, and colorful, and cute, and you really can’t go wrong. The characters appear in multiple form factors; the most common ones are tiny 1.5″ plastic figurines and 2.5″ plastic figurines with brushable or fuzzy tails. I’ve collected these all from second-hand lots, so there aren’t a lot of accessory pictures, and I am still learning things.

2.5″ – Cats

2.5″ – Dogs

2″ – Dogs

2.5″ – Ponies

2″ – Ponies

2.5″ – Other

2.5″ Accessories

From Pumpkin and Berry’s Tutu-Terrific Playset (not complete):

From Treasure and Dreamy’s Pool Party Playset (not complete):

1.5″ Minis – Cats

1.5″ Minis – Dogs

1.5″ Minis – Ponies

1.5″ Minis – Other

Suction Cup 1″ Minis

Lego – Petite the Royal Pony 41144

Other – 1 1/4″ hard plastic w/ jewel

4″ Talking

Cake Toppers (I think these are bootleg. They are usually sold in lots as cake toppers without packaging. The paint job is sloppy and colors are muddy.)

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