My Little Pony FAKIES – Playskool Friends Bath Toys

Item: Lanyitoys My Lovely little horses Action Figures Model toys Dolls ponies Figure for children toys cute Free Shipping 3.2inch

Seller: Lanyitoys on Aliexpress.

Approximately 3.25″ tall, based on the Hasbro Playskool Friends Bath Squirters 2-pack. They have no brand markings. Made of squishy plastic with water holes. Visually quite similar to the Hasbro versions. Some paint imperfections and dirt as can be expected of fakies.

I bought the 3-pack packaged in a mesh bag with a cardboard tag: IMG_20190409_094212.jpg

The seller also offers the Applejack figure with accessories:

Shop for the Hasbro My Little Pony Bath Squirters on eBay or Amazon.

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