Dare to Hair Totally Video with Polly

Product #C2537

coral, magenta, and blue stereo-shaped playset
peach and gold top
black top
peach top
peach and dark pink jacket
denim, light blue, and orange skirt
black skirt
blue and peach pants
dark pink and black pants
coral pair of shoes
silver pair of shoes
orange pair of boots
silver pair of boots
magenta sunglasses
magenta hairdryer
blue pair of scissors
blue bottle
green bottle
magenta bottle
magenta bottle
green lipstick?
blue nail polish bottle
green microphone
green guitar
green and coral camera
magenta and white keyboard
green and blue camera/keyboard tripod
blue circle star barrette
blue star barrette
coral circle star barrette
coral star barrette
blue circle star hair clip
blue star hair clip
coral circle star hair clip
coral star hair clip
green comb
magenta curler
coral hair crimper/flattener
green hair crimper x2
green hair flattener x2
horizontal blue clothing hanger
horizontal magenta clothing hanger
horizontal green clothing hanger
horizontal coral clothing hanger
green and black chair
black stand