Designer Mall Toy Store with Lea

Product #B3240

white, light blue, and lavender dress
lavender, green, and white dress
light blue and white top
white, green, and light blue skirt
white pair of shoes
pink and orange miniature Sparkle Style House
blue and orange miniature Concert Stage
blue, black, and silver toy car
pink and orange miniature doll
blue, peach, and pink jack-in-the-box
pink toy top
pink duck
blue guitar
pink ball
light pink cash register
green cardboard card w/ flower
blue cardboard shopping bag
horizontal blue clothing hanger
vertical blue clothing hanger
red, aqua, and light pink counter
red and aqua toy mold
pink and white bottle of glitter
wedges of blue and purple clay in container
red clay utensil
Beach Style S.U.V. cardboard prop
Ride-in-Style Ranch cardboard prop