Hither & Yon (Willitts Designs)

Hither & Yon is an obscure line of unicorn figurines made in the mid-1980’s by Willitts Designs. I only know the name of the collection from a hang tag I have from one figurine. It’s not absolutely clear which unicorn is which, but if they are named in the order they are pictured on the tag, Hither has pink hair with flowers and braids, and Yon has tan/yellow hair.

Willitts Designs does not seem to exist as a company any longer, but they were active into the early 2000’s.

Story from the tag:

“Far on the edge of the world, in the kingdom of Argaus, live two gentle unicorns, Hither and Yon. Here in the magical forests the young unicorns join fairies, elves, and other friendly creatures in mystical exploits. Sometimes magical powers take them to adventures beyond the forest; perhaps a quiet day at the seashore or a quest after pirates’ gold. Come join with Hither and Yon as they explore the boundaries of imagination with Willitts Designs.”

Music box, Hither & Yon in clouds w/ castle & rainbow in background. This is the most common figurine in the collection; there are usually a few for sale on eBay.

I have also found a miniature trinket box version of this figurine. It’s scaled down and not as detailed, but bears a striking resemblance to the music box. It just has a MADE IN CHINA sticker; I don’t know if it was made by Willitts, or if the design was “borrowed”. It comes with a tiny magic wand to store inside:

Music box, Hither & Yon in clouds listening to records on phonograph:

Music box, Yon with front hooves in pool with toy boat:

Hither with bunny on back, raccoon on mushroom:

Yon with front hooves in pond, frog on lilypad:

Yon on raft with pirate beaver and treasure chest:

Yon with hatching chicks: