Star Willow Stables (Manhattan Toy)

Star Willow Stables is a collection of plush dress-up horses, about 10.5″ tall, with brushable mane and tail and wire frames in the legs to pose. All their accessories are soft plush or felt. I am aware of 5 horses, 2 accessory packs, and a horse trailer playset (also plush). I also have some unidentified accessories, so there is probably more to the collection.

From stock images floating around the internet, I found 5 horses with names – Brynn Rae (tan), Deena Jean (gray/tan), Ellie Ann (white/black), Leah May (tan/brown), and Rachelle Lee (brown/black).

Leah May:

Ellie Ann:

Brynn Rae:

Horse Accessories pack:

Dress and legwarmers:


Other accessories:

Horse trailer playset: