Unicorn Stationery & Ephemera

Contempo unicorn napkins with artist signature “BETSEY”, presumably inspired by “The Unicorn Rests in a Garden” from the Unicorn Tapestries:

Olympicard 1984 planner:

Antioch bookplates:

Antioch Publishing Preferential Treatments bookmark:

American Greetings Something Else unicorn reflection card:

Hallmark Ambassador unicorn & princess Valentine’s Day card:

Hallmark Katybeth unicorn & angel card:

American Greetings Forget Me Not Dress-up Unicorn Card:

Recycled Paper Products Audrey Christie card:

The Family Line Julie Pearson card:

Hallmark Charmers card:

Hallmark Katybeth card:

Hallmark Valentine card:

Michel & Co. card:

Carlton Cards Thank You card:

Argus Andy Mack poster:

Pentapco Friendly Critters patch:

Amscan notepad:

Ambassador 1993 wrapping paper: