Rainbow Dreams (Hamilton Collection)

This is a series of darling unipeg figurines from the Hamilton Collection. I am posting pictures of my collection here; this is not a definitive list.

Pleasant Dreams

An Elusive Dream

Where Bluebirds Fly

Dreams Take Flight

Moonbeam Dreams

Lazy Day Dreaming

Fields of Dreams

Meadowland Dreams

Butterflies and Rainbow Skies (1998)

Lessons In Magic Collection:

On My Own (1999)

Moonstruck (1999)

Rising Star (1999)

A New Day (1999)

Your Dreams Come True (1999)

Flying Lesson (1999)

Morning Sun (1999)


The Magical Dream Catchers Collection:

Sweet Dreams

Catch’n a Dream


Crystal Visions Collection:

Castles In The Sky


Castles of Your Dreams Collection:

Castle of Fairy Tale Dreams


Rainbow Sweethearts:

First Glance

Captive Hearts




Monthly Collection:

Trick Or Treat

May’s Fragrant Flowers

Light Up The Sky

Autumn’s Bounty


Rainbow of Enchantment Collection:

These are on a smaller scale than the other collections, and each comes mounted on a spun glass base.

Sunshine and Rainbows

Click here for Carousel of Love Collection

Click here for Secret Gardens Collection

Click here for Golden Virtues Collection