2021 Polly Pocket Index

Micro 1″ Scale:

Keepsake Collection Starlight Castle Compact HFJ64

Compacts (Asst. FRY35):

Double Play Compact: (Asst. HCG23)

Pollyville Pet Adventure Treehouse (HHJ06)

Pollyville Flamingo Fun Car Wash

Watermelon Pool Party Compact (HCG19)

Zen Cat Restaurant

Unicorn Forest

Art Studio

Cuddly Cat Purse (HGT16)

Bubble Aquarium (HDK30)

Sea & Swim Adventure Playset (GXV27)

Advent Calendar

Gumball Bear

Starring Shani Talent Show Compact (HGT17)

Starring Shani Pollyville Museum

Starring Shani Pollyville Field Trip

Pet Connects Series 2 (GYV99):

Spin n’ Surprise Birthday (Unicorn Cake)

Spin n’ Surprise Wedding

Keepsake Collection Royal Ball Jewelry Set

Pajama Party:

Rainbow Unicorn Salon (HMX18)

Mama & Joey Kangaroo (HKV50)


Clip-together Rooms (Asst. HKL80):


Water Ski Splash Pack (GXV26)

Llama Looks Lila

Skate Party Pack Lila

Fruit Pop Lila

Rollin’ Rainbows Polly

Ready to Dance Polly

Adorable Animals Fashion Pack Polly & Margot

Sunshine Splash Park (HDW63)

Soccer Splash with Polly (HDW61)

Basketball Splash with Margot (HDW62)

Sweet Adventures Rainbow Mall

Tiny Treats Ice Cream Truck with Polly and Shani

Treats & Trends Bicycle Cart with Margot

Aqua Athlete Shani

Pop Star Spotlight Fashion Pack (HKV97)

Check Lane Singles:

  • Lila unicorn dress
  • Lila rainbow dress
  • Polly beach wrap
  • Polly halter dross
  • Margot Monrovia
  • Bella Bigowski

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