2021 Polly Pocket Index

Micro 1″ Scale:

Keepsake Collection Starlight Castle Compact HFJ64

Compacts (Asst. FRY35):

Double Play Compact: (Asst. HCG23)

Pollyville Pet Adventure Treehouse (HHJ06)

Pollyville Flamingo Fun Car Wash

Watermelon Pool Party Compact (HCG19)

Zen Cat Restaurant

Unicorn Forest

Art Studio

Cuddly Cat Purse (HGT16)

Bubble Aquarium (HDK30)

Flamingo Party (HGC40)

Sea & Swim Adventure Playset (GXV27)

Advent Calendar (HHX84)

Gumball Bear

Starring Shani Talent Show Compact (HGT17)

Starring Shani Pollyville Museum

Starring Shani Pollyville Field Trip

Teddy Bear Purse (HGC39, Asst. GKJ63)

Pet Connects Series 2 (GYV99):

Spin n’ Surprise Birthday (Unicorn Cake)

Spin n’ Surprise Wedding

Keepsake Collection Royal Ball Jewelry Set (HHX85)

Pajama Party:

Rainbow Unicorn Salon (HMX18)

Mama & Joey Kangaroo (HKV50)


Clip-together Rooms (Asst. HKL80):


Water Ski Splash Pack (GXV26)

Llama Looks Lila

Skate Party Pack Lila

Fruit Pop Lila

Rollin’ Rainbows Polly

Ready to Dance Polly

Adorable Animals Fashion Pack Polly & Margot

Sunshine Splash Park (HDW63)

Soccer Splash with Polly (HDW61)

Basketball Splash with Margot (HDW62)

Sweet Adventures Rainbow Mall (HKX69)

Tiny Treats Ice Cream Truck with Polly and Shani

Treats & Trends Bicycle Cart with Margot

Aqua Athlete Shani

Smoothie Splash Pack with Polly, Shani, Margot, and Bella (HKB16)

Travel Adventures Pack (Costco Exclusive)

Pop Star Spotlight Fashion Pack (HKV97)

Check Lane Singles: (FWY19)


Funko Pop Clamshell Case