2021 Polly Pocket Index

Micro 1″ Scale:

Keepsake Collection Starlight Castle Compact HFJ64

Compacts (Asst. FRY35):

Double Play Compact: (Asst. HCG23)

Pollyville Pet Adventure Treehouse (HHJ06)

Watermelon Pool Party Compact (HCG19)

Bubble Aquarium (HDK30)

Sea & Swim Adventure Playset (GXV27)


Water Ski Splash Pack (GXV26)

Llama Looks Lila

Skate Party Pack Lila

Fruit Pop Lila

Rollin’ Rainbows Polly

Ready to Dance Polly

Adorable Animals Fashion Pack Polly & Margot

Sunshine Splash Park (HDW63)

Check Lane Singles:

  • Lila unicorn dress
  • Polly beach wrap
  • Polly halter dross
  • Margot Monrovia
  • Bella Bigowski

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