Win Goal Ponies

The largest in this group of ponies is marked WIN GOAL / Made in China on belly. They were marketed by Funville as Glimmer & Style Pony & Unicorn Collection. The largest size has rooted manes and molded tails; the other poses are all molded and hollow like bath toys. The smallest ones resemble the My Little Pony Mash’ems Fash’ems.

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4.5″ Tall:

4.5″ & 4″ Tall, no markings, maybe fakies?:

3″ Tall, marked WG03H-04 (unicorn, curly tail)

3″ Tall, marked WG03H-05 (unicorn, “ponytail” mane)

2.5″ Tall, marked 3H-01 (unipeg)

2.5″ Tall, marked 3H-02 (earth)

2″ Tall, W602H-01 (unipeg)

2″ Tall, W602H-02 (earth)

Babies with molded diapers – they have the same style eyes as others in this collection, but no markings except a number (030820023). These are about 2″ tall.

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