Sunshine Ponies

These fakies are in a pose reminiscent of the MLP Collector’s Pony Pose. They are difficult to track down information on; most searches lead to sites/forums posts that no longer exist. This thread on Ghost of the Doll forum is the best source of info and pictures. The ponies themselves are unmarked, but they are by Lucky Ind. Co. Ltd. and came with a Strawberry Shortcake-type doll. They may have silky or yarn hair.

There are also lower-quality editions that appear to be bootlegs of the original Sunshine Pony. They also have no markings.

These have NO painted accents; hair may be yarn or silky.

These ones have a symbol on one side (either hearts or crescents) and a red painted outline on the saddle.

This one has been re-haired (not by me) and I think she’s really cute with red curls!

MOC “Lit Critter” by Magic:

This one appears to be part of the fakie Sunshine Pony family in a Remco-esque body pose:

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