Pretty Pony Club

This is a grouping of ponies that may actually be from different lines as their markings are different. The original appears to be called Pretty Pony Club (a UK line) and are marked Just Group PLC. Others are marked M.I.G., and others (of cheaper quality) have a symbol I can’t identify on their hooves.

Adults marked Just Group 1995: approx. 3.75″ tall

Foal marked Just Group 1996: approx. 3″ tall

Foal marked 1996 M.I.G.: approx. 2.5″ tall

(this first one is just a TINY bit larger than the others)

Sitting foal, lifted head, marked 1997 M.I.G., approx. 1.75″ tall:

Sitting foal marked 1997 M.I.G., approx. 1.5″ tall:

Foal w/ Z? N? letter symbol on hoof; this height tends to be squishy plastic; approx. 2.75″ tall:

Foal with hoof logo; this height tends to be harder plastic; approx. 2.5″ tall:

Foal with same symbol as above: approx. 2.33″ tall