Fancy Pony Family (DOLGENCORP)

This page was initially titled “Squishy Ponies with Molded Parts”, but I recently found one in box. This set is branded as Fancy Pony Family by DOLGENCORP (Dollar General). The group on this page contains different varieties, but they tend to be squishyish plastic that gets sticky over time; and they have molded features like saddles, blankets, and neck bands. They borrow elements from My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch ponies, and other fakies. They may be related to these Polyfect ponies – these have the same hoofprint design, but no molded features.

In Box Pictures


Jumbo Adult – CPK-style. This is slightly smaller than the Gi-Go CPK fakie, only about 9.5″ tall.

Adult 6″ tall – CPK-style

Adult – Tootsie pose w/ CPK-style head




White with blue hair (photo submitted by Ziek):

Baby – circus/carousel-style

This one is less-detailed; may be a fakie-of-a-fakie:

Baby – Fancy Pants-style

Note different color neck band:



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