Polly Pocket New Release Shopping Links

This is a list of shopping links. I will add sets here as they come out on Amazon and other stores, in advance of a full page devoted to them (I’m a little behind on toy opening!). Links will be Amazon unless otherwise noted.

Flip & Find Sloth Compact (Walmart)
Flip & Find Panda Compact (Walmart)

Micro Pet Place

Pollyville Sunshine Beach Playset

Pollyville Playground Adventure Playset

Shani Tropical Beach Compact with Mobile Ice Cream Cart, Surfboard, Dolphin Figure
Hedgehog Cafe Compact
Jumpin’ Style Pony Compact
Corgi Cuddles Compact
On The Farm Piggy Compact
Koala Adventures Wearable Purse Compact
Un-Box-It Playset, Popcorn Shaped Box

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