Bandai 5.5″ Dolls

For more information on the Bandai line, see Strawberry Shortcake’s Blueberry Land (bottom links in left column).
These are pictures of my collection. You can click any picture to enlarge.

Berry Best Friends
Original Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard: complete set

Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Ballerina w/ Custard: complete set

Sweet Spring Strawberry Shortcake w/ Pupcake: complete set

Original Ginger Snap w/ Chocolate Chipmunk: complete set

Original Angel Cake w/ Vanilla Icing: complete set

Original Orange Blossom w/ Marmalade: complete set

Stylin’ Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard: complete set

Girly Curly Orange Blossom: partial set

Flowers and Curls Angel Cake w/ Vanilla Icing: partial set

Sweet Smiles Ginger Snap w/ Chocolate Chipmunk: complete set

Blueberry Muffin: complete set

Berry Casual Strawberry Shortcake: partial set

Island Girls Seaberry Delight: complete set

Island Girls Coco Calypso: complete set

Mermaid Strawberry Shortcake: complete set

Sea Beauty Strawberry Shortcake: complete set

Mermaid Blueberry Muffin: complete set

Mermaid Rainbow Sherbet: complete set

Target Exclusives
Huckleberry Pie: complete set

Rainbow Sherbet: partial set

Berry Sweet Sisters – Strawberry Shortcake with Apple Dumplin’: complete set

Berry Special Parties
Happy Birthday Strawberry Shortcake: complete set

Jammie Party Angel Cake: complete set

Talk and Giggle
Goin’ Places Ginger Snap: partial set

School Rules Blueberry Muffin: complete set

Fashion Sets
Rainy Days: complete set

Fashion Closet: partial set

Berry Furniture Sets
Cozy Kitchen: partial set

Snuggly Living Room: partial set

Comfy Bedroom: partial set

Table and chairs:

Pink glitter brush:

Assorted cardboard props – Rainy Days? Jammie Party?: