Bandai Wearables Miniatures

Charm Danglers Collectible Charms

Orange Blossom, Strawberry Shortcake, Pupcake:

Vinyl Necklace Pouch
Strawberry Shortcake with purse:

Strawberry Shortcake with ice cream and Pupcake:

Angel Cake with flower bouquet:

Keychain Clip
Ginger Snap with Chocolate Chipmunk:

Orange Blossom with Marmalade and wheelbarrow:

Angel Cake with cake:

Strawberry Shortcake with berry:

Strawberry Shortcake running with Pupcake:

Goodie Basket Orange Blossom:

Angel Cake with butterfly:

Skate Boardin’ Strawberry Shortcake:

Gidyup Pony: