Playmates Dolls

Note: For a full doll listing, see Toy Sisters. These are pictures of my collection; click images to enlarge.

Beach Sweeties
Tangerina Torta: (complete set)

Candy Pops
Blueberry Muffin: (incomplete)

Rainbow Sherbet: (incomplete)

Country Fun
Banana Candy: (complete set)

Watermelon Kiss: (complete set)

Plum Puddin’: (complete set)

Flavor Swirl

Strawberry Shortcake: (incomplete)

Crepes Suzette: (complete set)

Tea Blossom: (complete set)

Raspberry Torte: (complete set)

Frosty Puff: (incomplete)

Lemon Meringue: (incomplete)

Rockaberry Roll

Strawberry Shortcake: (complete set)

Rainbow Sherbet: (complete set)

Crepes Suzette: (complete set)

Lemon Meringue: (complete set)

Winter Berry Twist
Apricot: (complete set)

Frosty Puff: (complete set)

Sweet Sleeover For Two

Apple Dumplin’: (incomplete)

Pie Cart: (complete set)

Snowflake Skimobile: (complete set)

Fruity Beauty Salon: Some accessories shown – playset itself is still in storage. Coming soon.

Unidentified Dolls: