Bandai-era McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Note: I struggled with how to categorize this, because 2006 is otherwise a Playmates year, but elements of this series go back to Bandai, like Orange Blossom and Strawberry Shortcake clip-ons in Bandai-specific outfits (I think). But Tea Blossom wasn’t a character in the US line (*coughcough* Brazil) until Playmates. Since it was the first year of the changeover, maybe the Happy Meal line was a blend. Anyway, the categorization of Bandai-era may change as new information comes to light.


Angel Cake (bag only shown, no doll):

Strawberry Shortcake (came with strawberry bag, not shown):

Orange Blossom clip-on:

Strawberry Shortcake clip-on:

Cheerleader Ginger Snap:

Tea Blossom with teapot:

Strawberry Shortcake on skateboard:

Strawberry Shortcake w/ wheelbarrow:

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