My Little Pony HQG1C – Latest Additions

I really like the custom ponies coming from HQG1C (High Quality G1 Customs). I’m not exactly sure how the team does it, but they are making small batch mass-produced custom characters and the results are just incredible. For me, there is an elegant simplicity in this line that really captures the essence G1, and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

Those behind the HQG1C project address the hard-hitting questions, like “What if there were glitter sea ponies? What if heads and bodies were swapped to create new poses? What if there was a rearing baby pony?” (We’re not really that difficult to figure out, Hasbro. Just do mash-ups of different gimmicks and pony types, and we’re very happy.)

You can shop for these at authorized dealers:
Clipper’s Sale
Katz Pony Shop
The Pony Business (for Europe)

You can also search eBay (affiliate link) – the sellers above have listings there, and you might find older ones being sold by their original owners.


Genie & Ora baby dragon


Glitzy Waves, Sea Rose, Ocean Mist, Sapphire Sparkle


Special Custom Christmas Duo Candy Cane & Lil’ Holly


Special Custom Hanukkah Duo Dreidel & Lil’ Star


Special Custom Blank Baby Brother Blizzard


Rearing Unicorn – Spangled – America Patriotic


True Blue, Sweetness, High Hopes, Elegance


Special Custom Aquatic Unicorn Pony Marina


Special Custom Sitting Pony Pretty Bow & Sky the Kitten


Kitty Love II


Katz Pony Shop Exclusive White Kitty- BELLA

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