My Little Pony FAKIE Movie Sea Ponies, Pearly Bodies w/ Glitter Accents

Sea Pony Mane 6 Fakie Set

Seller: Child World Store on Aliexpress (affiliate links)

The quality on these is pretty darn good. They smell a little funny right out of the bag, but that is already fading. There are some small imperfections in the eye and symbol paint, and if you’re collecting fakies, you’re not in it for the quality, right? 😀

-Each comes with a shell necklace locket that looks like the Hasbro version.
-Fins are jointed.
-I could not get Pinkie Pie to balance on her tail. The way she is throwing up her forelegs simply will not balance.

Applejack Sea Pony
Rainbow Dash Sea Pony
Fluttershy Sea Pony
Twilight Sparkle Sea Pony
Rarity Sea Pony
Pinkie Pie Sea Pony

The listing actually showed a picture with some interesting mash-ups (horns and wings on characters that don’t usually have them, alternate poses), but the ones I received are all the correct Hasbro species. I have another set on order from another seller, crossing my fingers that I’ll get some variants.

Fakie Sea Ponies bought on Aliexpress

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