Lanyitoys Light-up Musical Ponies (Unicorns, Pegasus), Glitter Wings

Item: Lanyitoys my Lovely Little light and music original poni doll action figure toys for children birthday Gift Free Shipping 6 inch (Mane 6) and My little horses Magic Rainbow ponies toys one piece Action Anime 2 color style Unicorn Princess horse model For Children Dolls (Celestia & Nightmare Moon)

Seller: Lanyitoys on Aliexpress. (Note: Affiliate links.)

This is a cute series of fakie ponies based on Hasbro’s Mane 6 (6.5″ tall) plus Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon (8″ tall).


-bodies and legs are hard plastic; head is a softer vinyl.

-they are all unicorns with wings to be added.

-wings are thin clear plastic with painted and glitter designs; they clip into a panel on the back.

-not sure if wings are random packaged or not, but my Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, and Applejack came with pink/yellow ones; Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, and Celestia with purple/magenta/cream; and Nightmare Moon with pink/blue. Nightmare Moon’s wings are about an inch taller; Celestia’s were the same size as the Mane 6.

-brushable mane and tail; with barrette.

-legs all have hinge joints at the body; front legs have an additional hinge joint at the knees.

-battery compartment in stomach; each takes 2-LR44 watch batteries (fortunately I have a lifetime supply of these batteries sitting around for unrelated reasons).

-they have a color-changing light in the body below the wings, and plays part of Sofia the First’s theme song, for some reason. There is one button on the front chest; lights and music play together.

-there are some small dirt marks and paint imperfections, as typical for this price range (they’ve been running $8-$10).

-overall I think these are really pretty and good value for the money.

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