My Little Pony Hasbro Pop Fakies

These are “fakie” versions of Hasbro’s POP ponies (the ones that are made to assemble, not to be confused with the Funko Pop! series). They were sold as My little horses Cute DIY Rainbow Horse Model Doll With Comb Kids Toys Packaging is a lovely eggshell Action Figures Anime Toys.

They come packaged in clear colored Easter eggs. There are six characters advertised, all unicorns with attachable wings. The bodies and symbols correspond to Hasbro’s Mane 6.

Some of the pegs were difficult to snap into place, and there are some small gaps in seams that didn’t go together all the way. Also, I got two of the Applejack clone and none of the Fluttershy.

But otherwise they are very nice. I would highly recommend this product for the discerning fakie collector.

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